During this economic crisis period, we need immediate, effective, prompt and reliable solutions that improve the level of local and regional services to the citizens, instead of degrading it.  

When the actual implementation of KALLIKRATIS begins,
  • Flexibility in local services development will become a standard
  • Effectiveness will become an ultimate goal and,
  • The resources’ efficiency will become a goal for all local authorities.

As the credits towards local government decrease,
  • The search and assurance of resources from other means and sources will be a prerequisite for its existence.

When unemployment and underemployment comprise the number one risk for social cohesion,  
  • taking action for the local and regional development will become a first priority
  • The alteration of patterns of production with more eco-friendly characteristics will become essential for the structures' modernization in a local level
  • attracting investments and productively utilizing the local wealth will become a remedy goal

When the vulnerable social groups are increasingly affected,
  • The Municipality can act as an aid in a wider social protection system,  
  • The Municipality can play a role of income redistribution and relieve these social groups.   

INNOVATION AND MODERNITY will be preconditions and principles for the establishment of modern and effective local authorities (OTA), for the development of the optimum services for the citizens,
TRANSPARENCY will be a basic prerequisite to retrieve the institution's lost credibility and  
The citizen’s PARTICIPATION in the production of local products will be the driving force for the enhancement of social cohesion.
ALL OF THE ABOVE require modern services, qualified staff, restricted and realistic financial and development planning, methodical procedures that simply and clearly describe what the Municipality does for the citizens and how, and a utilization system of the financing institutions in Greece and Europe.
ALL THESE require a prompt and reliable scientific and technical support, so as to create the equivalent materializing structures in every Municipality and district.
The integrated aspect, the scientific approach and the technical support are the necessary and SELF-EVIDENT prerequisites for powerful local and regional structures of the local government.
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